Company Overview

Founded in January of 2010, SuccessQuest quickly established itself as a breath of fresh air in the Financial Service Community. Mantra’s, “Inspect what you expect” and “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” guide us. Our focus is developing simple technology that creates measurable operational and sales efficiencies - NEW best practices. Our approach, Inside-the-Box Thinking, is doing what we know works, but better and more efficiently.

Founding Partners

Our founders include, CEO Nathan Bergeland, a managing and equity partner in 5 established financial services companies, CIO Ray Gauthier, technology executive in one of Canada’s Big-5 banks, and Kirk Lowe, founder of TactiBrand, a leading branding and marketing boutique for financial professionals and institutions since 2000.

NateNathan Bergeland - CEO

Nathan Bergeland has been a leader in the financial services community for over 30 years. Most of his achievements have been building, consulting with and supporting financial institutions (bank and credit unions) and independent advisors. In addition to being the CEO of SuccessQuest, Nathan is also the CEO at USAdvisors Network where he has managed hundreds of advisors and consulted hundreds of financial institutions. Nathan is very familiar with the challenges financial advisors, institutions and investors face.

Nathan co-founded SuccessQuest in an effort to help financial institutions and financial professionals "Inspect what they expect", if you can't measure it, you can't manage it. Instead of looking outside-the-box for new ideas and strategies to help financial institutions and professionals grow, SuccessQuest's founders took a different approach believing that inside-the-box thinking is what is required to advance the financial services industry. Inside-the-box thinking is doing what we already know works, but doing it much better and much more efficiently.

SuccessQuest's online tools help financial institutions and financial professionals more effectively manage and track referrals, activity and projects.

"If you can't measure it,
you can't manage it."

-Nathan Bergeland,
CEO SuccessQuest International LLC

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